Monday, April 4, 2011

Final project ideas for media project

  For the final project I seem to have a lot of possible ideas.  I like the analyzing movies through different decades ideas.  I mentioned Degrassi before in blogs but that could be something.  Their is the Degrassi that started in the 2000's.  Their is also an earlier version from the 1980s.  From this one show the past and the present could be compared in the themes and portrayels of teenagers. I would find it interesting to track down the old version.  Also some characters show up in the present version as parents or the principle.  Even in the 2000s it shows a big range.  Students move through Degrassi like a revolving door and new characters are introduced.  This has many of the recent episodes. 

Another idea I had was looking at music.  A lot of the class has been looking at tv shows and movies.  Music is another way that teenagers are being portrayed.  What are teenagers listening too and what kind of ideas are they sending.  We looked a bit at hip hop.  Maybe we can look at other popular music.  Artists like Taylor Swift and even Justin Bieber are really popular with the teenagers.  Some of the music and videos could be analyzed.  We could look at popular songs from the late 90's teen pop boy band explosion.  Analyzing the patterns could be very interesting.  with itunes it would be very easy to get the songs.

I am open to working in a group.  Some of these ideas could be a part of anything, 

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